Your art objects are in good hands

We are always on the lookout for quality art and antiques like paintings of all epochs, furniture, porcelain, silver, jewellery, graphics, books, glasses, arts and crafts, articles from pewter, copper and other metals, sculptures, watches and clocks and others..

We shall be happy to assist you with sale of collections. We accept deliveries anytime and if you need any kind of advice you can rely on us. We do it free of charge, professionally and with the required discretion, if necessary in your own home.

Careful handling of your valuable art articles is obvious. When desired we illustrate your objects in colour or black-and-white in our conscientiously composed catalogue.
Our auctions are announced in specialist journals and daily newspapers and are furthermore presented to a large clientele by means of invitations and catalogues. In addition our catalogue is entirely accessible on the Internet.

We charge a commission of 15% plus VAT, and for objects worth less than euro 500,-, 20% plus VAT. Your objects are insured from the moment of the delivery. In case of bought in, there will be no expenses for you.

Ihre Einlieferung in unsere kommenden Auktionen ist jederzeit erbeten. Präsentieren und versteigern Sie Ihre wertvollen Objekte in einem barocken Stadtpalais eines alten fränkischen Adelsgeschlechts im Herzen Bambergs Weltkulturerbe und Zentrum des nordbayerischen Antiquitätenhandels.
Nutzen Sie unseren Kundenservice zur kostenlosen Einschätzung und Beratung Ihres Kunstgutes. Wir besuchen Sie auch gerne zur Schätzung von Nachlässen und Sammlungen.

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